Wednesday, 28 January 2015

A taste of the Pyrenees

 The Montailhac family who feature in my current stories, live in the Pyrenees. For them, the rugged scenery and the harsh climate are their normal setting. But some of the other characters in the story are amazed at the new world they discover within the tumbled mass of this mountain range.

The plunging mountains mean any journey is long and arduous. The local breed of short legged horse, the Mérens, are the best for travelling in this terrain. [My story takes place in 1813].

Villages are small and situated by one of the many fast flowing streams.

The weather changes suddenly. Sunshine gives way to violent thunderstorms with plenty of snow in winter.

  One of the towns along the river  Garbet, [whisper it low] is Seix. The picture above is the castle, now a museum of local life. A range of recipes for such things as badger stew and crow pie, suggest a degree of poverty in the area in days gone by.

The magical Lake of Béthmale, with water of a striking blue-green. 

A local house with the typical 'stepped' roof, which is a defence against heavy snow.

Water is everywhere, adding movement and sound. This is a backstreet in Seix.