Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Seeing HOW they do it

My current story, April and May, is the story of two sisters, Rose and Helena. The story begins in Constantinople [right] in 1804.

Starting a new story is splendid - new people and places to describe and a foolproof new plot. Only, it never is... the main characters quickly take over. By Chapter 9 or 10 they demonstrate their own particular interests. Now they go their own way and do quite different things from what was planned.

Keeping the main characters interacting can be a problem - especially when the heroine sails back to London, leaving the two male love interests in Constantinople. Fortunately they soon discover that they must come to London as well. And then the plot really thickens. Villains swarm all around but the real dangers are the emotions dominating the main characters' actions.

Love, rivalry, pride, fear, honour, determination, revenge and treachery, all have their part to play.

Rose is an artist. She visits the exhibition at Somerset House, but lingering too long in the empty gallery, she is almost caught by an assassin.


  1. Hello Beth,
    I love your writing style and characters in your book.Carry on writing please.I am looking forward to your third baby.
    May Oakley

  2. Thank you, May.
    I hope you enjoy my next story also - when it's finished.

  3. Hello Beth,I enjoyed the old picture of ─░stanbul.
    It is a mysterious city I have ever visited and thank you for your interest to the City ─░stanbul.