Friday, 12 June 2009


In the interval since my last post, I've been travelling in Turkey. Although there were many other items on the agenda, I kept a keen lookout for kiosks to lounge around in.

This photo is of an open air kiosk in Konya. It is in a rooftop restaurant and is furnished with tables and chairs. No banquettes in this one! The structure gives an illusion of privacy to a family while they eat. The wooden slats form a simple but pleasing pattern. And there are colours and patterns even in the woodwork of the roof.
In the town of Konya some restaurants have set up each room like a different type of kiosk. Some are very large and ornate with silken curtains and impressive ornaments. They have antique tables and chairs in fine woods, These dining rooms are suitable for important celebrations for people in their best clothes.
Other kiosks in the same restaurant are very much closer to a nomad's tent. In these rooms you would sit or recline on a low bench covered with patterned kilims under a draped awning. The food is brought on large brass trays and placed on a low frame about two feet above the floor. When you sit cross legged or recline, you can't really eat too much. Perhaps it's worth trying the kiosk diet...?


  1. Dear Beth,
    I liked the picture of kiosk.Yes,it is exactly like that.How about trying Kiosk diet...?
    May Oakley.

  2. I will if you will, May. But I need a kiosk of my own first. Love, Beth

  3. PS - if we have nargiles, we'll lose weight even faster... too busy doing the hubble-bubble to eat at all!