Saturday, 14 November 2009

A new Regency tale - April and May

Rose Charteris is the practical member of the family. Arriving in Constantinople with a sick aunt and a lovelorn younger sister to care for, the last thing she expects or wants is to come face to face with Tom Hawkesleigh, the man who broke her heart four years previously. But in return for help, she is forced to work with him on an urgent secret plan for the Sultan.

The powerful and handsome Ottoman minister, Kerim Pasha, is bewitched by Rose’s English beauty. He whisks the English ladies away to his mansion and a life of luxury. It seems Rose must choose between East and West…

April and May published by Robert Hale,
This title will be released in April 2010...
The cover is another splendid design by David Young, showing the hero and heroine in a kiosk as the sun sets over Constantinople.
What does the title mean?
Rose seemed to have found love and happiness on her first visit to London but that was cut short. It took almost four years before she had another chance to find love - so her spring and summer were widely separated.


  1. What a fascinating background for a book, Beth! Did it require a great deal of research, and is it something you have always been interested in writing? I'll look forward to reading it very much!

  2. I hope you enjoy it, Nicola. As I told Mr Hale, the Turkish part is all from personal experience, from my Turkish]husband's family and using tales of past times told by his elderly relations.