Friday, 19 February 2010

Beautiful and sad. Kazim Koyuncu sings "Didou Nana"

Didou Nana

Kâzım Koyuncu (November 7, 1971 in Hopa, Artvin Province, Turkey – June 25, 2005 in Istanbul, Turkey) was a Turk-Laz folk-rock singer, song writer, and activist.

An ethnic Laz, Koyuncu recorded songs in a number of languages spoken along the northeastern Black Sea coast of Turkey, as well as the language of Laz.
He died during treatment for lung cancer in 2005.
Although he primarily sang in Turkish, he is most famous for having sung in Lazuri. His albums also contain several songs in Armenian, Homshetsi, Georgian and Megrelian.
He was a well-known activist in environmental and cultural issues, as well as other things that were at risk and needed protection in Turkey.

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  1. I also love that singer and the song Dido.
    Best wishes
    May Oakley