Sunday, 7 February 2010


All my stories come from looking at pictures of people. Obviously, I need a range of inspiration. Well, that's my excuse for storing all the gorgeous faces I can find. Valentine's day is fast coming up, so here are three possible hero models.

George Clooney would fit into any category of romantic novel. What's not to like? Who would say no to a male with so much beauty and charm. Just lose yourself in that smile.

If you want a young, cheerful Valentine for a hero, Roque Santa-Cruz has a wonderful smile and exudes energy and fun. If he were the hero in a historical story I feel sure his name would be Rupert.

A true Valentine dream, the smouldering eyes of Ildebrando d'Arcangelo would set any girl's heart fluttering. Add to that the serenade he would sing in his incredible baritone, the allure of his physical beauty and this is the Valentine dream par excellence. What a gorgeous hero for a romantic novel set in any period.

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