Sunday, 30 May 2010

Another piece of the jigsaw of writing and publishing

This is my dear friend Seyda, who until her retirement worked extremely hard as an English teacher in Adana, Turkey. She taught in a Science Academy, where the students were high-flyers and went on to study medicine, engineering, etc. They needed to be fluent in English before starting a university course, so the standard was very high.

Seyda's two daughters were also high-flyers and grew up learning to speak good English as well as studying very hard in all their subjects. In fact, Arzu, her elder daughter, has been teaching English at Bosphorus University in Istanbul for a number of years. Arzu has also found time to research translation, a subject she finds endlessly fascinating. At present we are waiting for her to finish her PhD on a related area. Already she has brought out this book, which casts new light on the role - and manipulation - of translating texts from one language into another.


  1. I have to thank you for writing about me and my elder daughter Arzu in your blog.I agree with you she is a special talent on her English.I hope she can travel to UK and visits Oxford.I am sure she will enjoy her visit to your county very much because she likes British English as I do.

  2. Thank you, Libby for your kind words and posting my work. As far as books go, though, I believe you deserve more praise. Congratulations for the third launch!