Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Turks in top hats

Episode 3 of Downton Abbey featured a "gorgeous Turk" - the Earl's words, not mine. But I do agree, Kemal Pamuk [ played by Theo James ] was gorgeous.  It isn't hard to work out where Julian Fellowes got the name, only in 1912, Turks used a patronymic, not a surname so he would have been Kemal,   ...son of   ---    Never mind, by any name, Kemal Pamuk stole the show, along with Lady Mary's heart.

As I watched - and drooled - it did cross my mind that perhaps Julian Fellowes had read my story April and May and been inspired by my Kerim Pasha, another Turk who speaks perfect English and who wears a top hat.
But no, that's just wishful thinking. Probably he was inspired by photos of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, who was known as 'Golden Head' in his young, party-going days on the social circuit in several countries. He looked as good in the old Ottoman officer's cap as he did in a top hat.


                                                  Which headgear do you prefer?

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