Thursday, 1 March 2012

The Versatile Blogger Award


My thanks to Suzie Tullett, who nominated my Blog for this Award. But the first condition is to reveal seven random facts about myself.   *gasp*  Can I admit to all this?

1 As a small child I used to fill my pockets with butterflies, grasshoppers, any insect I came across.

2 I love slipping out for a walk in the dark - it feels more private.

3 Once I walked into a restaurant and an unknown length of time later realised I was still standing in the doorway, open mouthed, feasting my eyes on the most attractive profile I had seen in was Alan Rickman. [have used that experience in a novel]

4 I adore Freddie Mercury's songs. To me they're like silk and velvet.

5 My hobby is metallic embroidery. That means stitching down lots and lots of gold thread, pearls, beads and sequins to make a picture. I like it to shimmer, gleam, shine and sparkle.

6 When I'm writing a novel, I get to feel quite ill when the characters revolt against what I want them to do. And then it's so hard to say goodbye to them when there is no more to tell, that I have to arrange some outings to break away from their company.

7 I love flowers of all kinds but prefer to keep them growing in the garden, not cut them and bring them inside.

Now to nominate Blogs that I recommend for this Award.


  1. Thank you for nominating my blog for this Award.

  2. Great revelations, Beth. It's nice to a little of what lies behind the writer.

    At least you only stood and admiredAlan Rickman, unlike me who actually hyperventilated at the sight of John Barnes!