Monday, 30 April 2012

Wiltshire Wanderings

Part 1   Stonehenge to Salisbury

The magic and mystery of the ancient site of Stonehenge is compelling, even now that the inner circle is fenced off and with the ever-present crowds, all seeking a better spot for their photos. The lashing rain one minute, the gleams of sunshine and the stiff wind all add to the sense of wonder at the hardiness and determination of the people who erected this observatory. 
And the barrows on the hilltops encircling Stonehenge show how important this whole area was to those early people.

The next stage of the journey was Salisbury, a medieval city with its own huge temple. Salisbury cathedral is held to be the most beautiful building of its kind. It was completed in about 65 years, so is a harmonious whole, in the Early English Gothic style.

The cloisters were completed in 1266. They were designed as a place where the canons could read or relax, [lucky canons] or for processions. The delicate stonework is amazing.

A view of the cathedral from Harnham, south of the city.

The city gates are still in use - and they are closed at 10pm each night. 

Salisbury is a city with five rivers. Here's a house on St Nicholas' Bridge, which spans the River Avon.


  1. Beth - what a wonderful (and helpful) blog site! Agree about the best Mr Darcy.

    1. So glad you enjoyed it, Vonnie - and happy to discover you also agree on Darcy. My trip to Wiltshire was so enjoyable there'll be a second episode shortly.

  2. I enjoyed the pictures and felt as if I were visiting.

    1. Glad you liked them, May. We wished you were with us all the way. One day, you and I will go and see those peacocks.