Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Saint-Lizier in Couserans, Ariège.

 Once this was an important bishopric but the town was gradually deserted for the town of Saint Girons further down the valley. The old town has been restored and is an absolute gem, gently slumbering on its hill. There are arcaded squares and quiet streets following the line of the massive medieval walls of the two cathedrals.

The cathedral of Saint-Lizier is an example of Pyrenean Romanesque style. It dates from the 12th Century and contains 12th century frescos, discovered behind plaster during restoration.

It also has a two storey cloister with marble columns, some of which have carved capitals. This is a wonderfully peaceful place to sit on a hot day.

Next door to the cathedral is a hospital and pharmacy, still equipped with its surgical tools and medicines as it was in the 18th century.  [see later post].

[Thanks to Lucie Rochelle for the photos]


  1. Well I can see why you have chosen this location Beth. Gorgeous place and perfect for sitting to read (one of your lovely books of course) and for relaxing. Did you take the photos? They are very professional. I look forward to seeing how this story unfolds...keep me in the loop. Good luck with this new one and all your others.

  2. The photographer is my friend Lucie Rochelle. She also paints, so I leave the photos to her. Glad you like them.