Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Exotic jewellery? Bring it on!

In Scandalous Lady, Olivia arrives in Constantinople and at once visits a merchant with a large store of luxury goods, from carpets to jewellery. The mix of styles, from Byzantine to Ottoman, means she is dazzled by the range of items in his shop.

She really goes there intending to buy a few carpets to make her new home more comfortable. However, Mr Arapchian has such stacks of carpets that she goes a bit mad...

And then he shows her the jewellery. She is dazzled by the exotic splendour of it all.

If you like REALLY exotic gems, click on this link to see some of the famous jewels from the Top Kapi Museum

            On this occasion, Olivia opts for a delicate filigree pendant.


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