Wednesday, 10 April 2019

Fancy some armchair travel to olden days and other ways ?

Beth Elliott’s Regency Talesadventure, intrigue and romance

            "Witty, engaging and totally entertaining." - Nicola Cornick,  
          USA Today bestselling author.


 Ice meets fire in Constantinople

                                 A Montailhac Family Tale

Constantinople 1811

Ice cool Lord Berannes is the chief diplomat negotiating peace between the Ottoman Sultan and Russia. Then he encounters fiery, rebellious artist Olivia Hartford. And after that, nothing goes to plan – for either of them.


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'It would be very easy, Olivia,' he insisted, his eyes flashing as she kept shaking her head. 'No servant would hesitate if I gave the order to have you tied in a sack and thrown in the Bosphorus.'
            At this she leapt to her feet. 'You are disgusting!' she shouted, 'I can hardly believe you're human when you talk like that. You take me away by force and plan to use me for your entertainment with no respect for my wishes or my reputation.'
            He rose in one fluid movement and stood over her. 'You have no reputation.'

     Not a promising start to the relationship between the diplomat and the artist....

Kindle edition :      /Scandalous-Lady   


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    1. Enjoy the trip. Lots of sunshine, exotic mansions and bling, among the adventures and a nasty villain.