Thursday, 19 March 2020

Talking with Arabella Sheen on her Chit-Chat Blog

Arabella Sheen invited me for a fun chat with her about Regency times and stories

Research for my novels includes trips to all kinds of interesting places...

The Pavilion of the Mirrored Poplars, on the north bank of the Golden Horn in Istanbul. It was used for diplomatic ceremonies in the 1800s, and so was my hero's official home in Scandalous Lady.

The Royal Pavilion, Brighton, is more exotic than the royal Istanbul pavilion [above]. In The Rake's Challenge, Anna is so excited to attend a concert in the Pavilion, and listen to the Prince Regent himself playing in the orchestra.

Hartwell House, where King Louis XVIII of France lived in exile from 1809 - 1814

The prehistoric caverns at Niaux in the French Pyrenees

I transferred my fear of being a full kilometre inside these caves to my heroine, Louise, in The Rake and his Honour. Then she was terrified and I felt better.

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