Saturday, 26 February 2022

When Rose met Tom...πŸ’• London, the pair of them fell instantly in loveπŸ’• but...

after getting caught in a passionate embrace, Rose is whisked away in disgrace. She hears no more from Tom, and accepts the marriage her family arranged for her. Soon widowed, she travels to Egypt with her aunt and uncle, keen antiquarians. As Rose is a fine artist, her drawings are most useful to them.

Fleeing a sudden uprising in Cairo, Rose, with her sister and her aunt, arrives in Constantinople, and they go to the British Embassy for help. 

To Rose's horror, there she comes face to face with Tom. 😨

Tom has two days to complete his top secret report for the Sultan. The last thing he needs is for three Englishwomen to arrive, wanting his help, especially when one of them is Rose, the girl he's been trying to forget.... 😩  

 As they glare at each other and the air vibrates hostility, enter Kerim Pasha, the powerful and handsome chief minister. Smitten by Rose's English beauty [and also being a most courteous gentleman] he whisks the ladies away to his luxurious mansion for their safety and comfort. 

Then he offers a series of tempting lures...


gorgeous robes of silk or velvet,

with gauzy shirts and embroidered sashes,

delicate muslins, soft linens, silken pantaloons
and jewelled slippers


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Not just an agreeable place to sit during the heat of midday but the only safe place for conversations about planning great political changes. It is in the kiosk, too far away for any prying ears to make out what is said, that His Excellency, Kerim Pasha, can discuss the proposed vital military reforms with Tom and Rose, who is needed for her artistic talent.


A pleasant outing on the Golden Horn in a graceful caique is something that always pleases the ladies.

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Are all these delights enough to tempt Rose to choose a life in the Ottoman style? 

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