Friday, 20 November 2020

Meet Kitty

Kitty Towers is lively and kind-hearted.

She is 19 years old, she has glorious brown eyes and glossy chestnut curls. She is also the eldest of five sisters and  two brothers. So, willing or not, her mother insists she must now go to London for the Season and make a good marriage, one that will enable her sisters to mix in society in their turn.  

Kitty is most unwilling. Secretly she determines to endure London for two months and then return home to do what she considers worthwhile - helping her father, the vicar, to run his hospital and care for wounded soldiers and the poor and sick.

       This picture shows Kitty at a truly dark moment in her adventure.


When she arrives in London, Kitty considers the Season a waste of her time. But soon she finds that under the veneer of social visits, balls and walks in Hyde Park, many social activities mask plots and danger. Even a visit to the theatre can have sinister undercurrents.

While her friends flutter from one entertainment to another, Kitty realises that a dangerous spy is intent on betraying vital secrets, and she bravely attempts to prevent this treachery, even when it seems it will cost her her heart – and possibly her life.   

                                        THE WILD CARD       

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